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Happy New Year, 2018

Midnight run in Central Park

We started off 2018 in Central Park New York City running the four mile midnight run.  It is the coldest New Years ever since 1917.  It was 10 degrees at the start with a real feel of -4.  This has been on Sandy’s bucket list for many years and not even a century old record breaking cold weather temperature could dissuade her from being there.  The event was sold out with 5,000 runners.  The run starts right at midnight with fireworks going off overhead so close by that we could smell the smoke.  It is not easy to run and watch fireworks at the same time.  There was a water station at the two mile mark serving cups of water which were frozen solid followed by cups of frozen champagne. Then there was the new years eve dance station at the half way mark where runners stopped to dance to music blaring from speakers. It was such a memorable run of people bonding physically en mass together to stay warm while waiting to run in frigid conditions to high fiving race volunteers and NYC police along the route who kept us safe and motivated to finish.  It was an inspirational  way for us to begin year two of our Living the dream Retirement Adventure.

By the way, we found out this morning that Sandy came in second in her age group.  She could have come in first if she hadn’t elected to stay with Jim who has been struggling with stamina/endurance issues for the past year.

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