A little “Secret Tel Aviv” outing

A little “Secret Tel Aviv” outing

Secret Tel Aviv is a web site that Sandy signed up for which tells about Tel Aviv’s best kept secrets of amazing events, celebrations, shops and best new bars & restaurants.  The week of March 15 the event that caught our eye was a fund raiser being held at the home of the UK ambassador to Israel.  We took the bus to his house and after a brief security check at the door we were welcomed into his beautiful home and were free to peruse the living and family room as we walked through the house to a lovely yard and spectacular pool and patio where iced coffee and lemonade was being served by waiters.  We browsed the booths which were selling local wares to raise money for different causes.  Our only purchase was tea sandwiches and scones that we enjoyed while sitting under an umbrella by the pool while people watching.

The front of the ambassador’s house.
Signed picture of a very young Queen Elizabeth.  The art on the walls is from the British Government collection.


Second, slightly less formal living room.
Sandy being served iced coffee, coffee milk shake really, in the back yard.
An old British phone booth in the pool area.


Lemonade & sandwiches by the pool.
Charity yard sale.

Another bloody nice day in Tel Aviv.


Sandy & Jim

9 responses to “A little “Secret Tel Aviv” outing”

  1. Love every minute of your travels. Am watching lots tonight.
    You are dear to share all of this.
    You are home now, well, for short time.
    See you soon.


  2. I love how you find adventures and participate in the daily culture of life, history, architecture. I love being able to see the variances of countryside. Again thanks for your words to help me travel with you.

  3. We love all of your posts. They make us feel like we are walking/ jogging/ rowing just a few steps behind you,..and VOILA–you take us to such interesting places, and we don’t even have to work up a sweat! You’ve introduced us to Israel in a way that we could not have imagined. Another benefit,—all this walking behind you makes us feel like we are either a lifelong friend or a very engaging neighbor on Beacon Street! So….Keep on walking, writing, shooting pictures and sending blogs! We love being one of your many friends!

    Jim & Sheila

  4. Have loved reading about your adventures in Israel and look forward to reading about your next adventure. Israel is now firmly on my must-see list! Safe travels back to Boston, Sandy, and Jim!

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