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The Ladies of Wimbledon.

There was Helen & Meech and Sue times two

Janine & Sandy – made six total to view

Ladies of Wimbledon ready to play

Dressed in their outfits, so bright, and so gay!

Underground, over ground, adventuring, we

Travelled by Uber, Wimbledon tennis to see

Making good use of the booze in our packs

Bubbles and OJ we’d brought on our backs

Helen’s birthday and bucket wish list

Doing our best to make sure nothing was missed.

“Happy Birthday” sung to her by the crowds in THE queue

Over ten thousand, so it wasn’t a few!

Ham and cheese croissants, fresh fruit, all healthy

Who needs the paid seats of the incredibly wealthy?

Moving at last – a long line at a time

New space must mean – it’s time for more wine

Good weather was great and no mud to be seen

But on blazing sun we weren’t really keen

But, equipped with our brollies and shady sun hats

Some managed to curl up and sleep on our mats

At last we were moving – promised that entry was near

With just enough time to drink that last beer

With one great hurrah we passed through – until

We found ourselves settled atop Henman’s Hill

Sandy took photos of the big screen teevee

Later to crop them so that it seemed to be

We really had been there on the court at the centre

Happ’ly watching Struff being beaten by Federer

A long day it was, but worth all the queuing

And in the hot sun all of us slowly stewing

All the laughs, all the fun, all the jolly good time

Is a really good reason for this Wimbledon rhyme! 

Wimbledon: Helen’s birthday, 6th July, 2018, the above ode by Sue Rhodes

My New Zealand girlfriends Sue Rhodes on my right and Helen Fletcher on my left


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