A run in the park

So we are alone for a few days between guests.  The first day we stay home and catch up on crosswords and blogs.  Monday morning we have no plans for the day other than going for a run.  Chapultepec Parque is closed so Jim plans a run around the park with one sunny hill but the rest is shaded and flat or down hill.  We run to the park perimeter and up the hill.


Much to our surprise they let us in this gate to avoid a busy road and narrow sidewalk.


We stopped a lot to take pictures.


This is a beautiful old aqueduct.



This sign just inside the park caught Jim’s eye.  “Exclusive access for persons over 60 years of age” and it is open on Monday.  We had to prove our age using pictures of our passports on our phone.


An exercise class for seniors.  They were all too old and slow for us.

Jardin de adultos mayores opened on September 24, 1986 and carries the name of its founder, Euquerio Guerrero.  It houses a beautiful Sculpture Garden, in which there are 32 sculptures and 3 busts of renowned artists donated by different companies.  It has an interior lake, a library, areas with workshops, gaming areas and rooms in which they teach various courses.  There is also a Korean Pavilion, donated by the Embassy of Korea, in October 1968 for the Olympic Games in Mexico City.  We wandered this elderly garden for at least an hour and took a lot of pictures as we loved the sculptures.  The pictures are not great as there was so much bright sun and dark shade.



A little bridge over a narrow path.

IMG_1385 (1)


Trying to figure out what they are doing to each other.  It’s either very fun or painful.



The interior lake


with islands and more sculpture.


The library on the left.



Dueling photographers.


Jim taking pictures of the backside.


Sandy always wins.



One of the few sculptures with clothes on.



Korean Pavillion with the Hyatt Polanco in the background.


Looking out at the ritzy area of Polanco.



After exiting the garden we walked into Polanco for breakfast.


Lupine like flowers, unsure what they really are.




We found more sculptures in Polanco, Winston Churchill.

IMG_7608After breakfast we walked further into Polanco and on a whim ducked into Terapia Visual to check glasses prices.  An hour later we walked out after both receiving free visual checks and buying new glasses for both of us at about 50% off US prices.  So that is the way that a lot of our days go.  No plans, no expectations with really great days ensuing.  What happened to the run?  Less than two miles.  Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.IMG_7612

4 responses to “A run in the park”

  1. Fascinating what is found behind a filagree gate. So enjoy sculptures. The blue sky is gorgeous with the bright pink trees. Clever reflections! Thank you for taking me on a mini trip😘


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