Road Trip Day # 5, Lincoln Cathedral

We leave The George Hotel and Stamford early, headed for Lincoln to see another famous cathedral.  Lincoln was not on our original itinerary but we have heard so much about it and we are really getting into comparing cathedrals and climbing to their roofs and/or towers.

Leaving the garden of The George Hotel.
Our first view of Lincoln Cathedral.

Work started on the Lincoln Cathedral in 1092 and like most cathedrals construction and renovations have been ongoing ever since.  It has been ravished by fire, damaged by an earthquake and experienced the collapse of its central tower due to experimental building techniques.  The central tower was rebuilt with an added spire which made it the tallest building in the world for 238 years until its spire was blown down during a severe storm and never replaced  We took a tour of the Cathedral and then went to visit nearby Lincoln Castle.  This is a major Norman castle constructed in the late 11th century by William the Conqueror.  It sits on the site of a pre-existing Roman fortress.  It remained in use as a prison and law court into modern times and is one of the better preserved castles in England.  We enjoyed roaming around the Victorian prison and viewed one of only four original Magna Cartas.  We then headed back to the Cathedral for a roof tour where we climbed several rough stone circular stairways to the attic of the church and then out onto the roof.  This is a highly recommended tour for anyone interested in Cathedrals.

IMG_0100 (1)IMG_0728 (1)

We really enjoy the tours of these cathedrals, mostly given by very enthusiastic volunteers.
IMG_0733 (1)
The quire.

IMG_0734 (1)IMG_0735 (1)

The Blessed Virgin Mary, installed in 2014.
IMG_0739 (1)
One day, according to a very old legend, the Devil sent his imps out to play, and the wind blew two of them all the way to Lincoln.  At first they were so awestruck by the splendour of the Cathedral that they were afraid to enter.  But soon, one imp plucked up courage, flew into the Cathedral where he tried to trip up the Lord Bishop, and to knock down the Dean, and teased the Vergers and Choir.  When he started to break windows the Angels told him to stop his wicked doings; he cheekily replied “Stop me if you can!”  Whereupon he was at once turned into stone, and made to sit for evermore in a cleft in the Angel Choir.

IMG_0746 (1)

IMG_0755 (2).jpg
Jim reading The Magna Carta. No pictures allowed, Sandy snuck this one.
IMG_0758 (1)
This is the only separate system prison chapel left in the world.  They kept all of the prisoners separated from each other at all times to keep them from corrupting each other.  With that speaker up there they will all be corrupted anyway.
Can you spot the Scottish immigrant prisoner?
There she is.
IMG_0762 (1)
Back to the Cathedral for our roof tour.  This is the bell ringing room.


Tons of lead on these cathedral roofs.


In the attic of these cathedrals one can see how and why they have so many fires.
Looking out at Lincoln Castle which is really not very impressive.
These are the best views, you can see so much more of the detail work up high and the views downward are just breathtaking.
Can you see where a Lincoln imp shot a pellet gun through the glass.
This was a great tour with a wonderful guide.

We had a late lunch at a local pub and drove two hours to York where we are staying in a sweet little bungalow with a lovely private courtyard.

IMG_0752 (1)
Seemed appropriate to eat at The Magna Carta.
IMG_0212 (2)
Our bungalow is down the narrow alley.
IMG_0129 (1).jpg
Our door on the alley into the courtyard below.

IMG_0803 (1)

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