Road Trip Day #7, Flamborough Head and Scarborough.

We left York and drove to Flamborough Head which is an eight mile promontory on the Yorkshire coast.

Our first view of The North Sea.
And real haystacks.
Flamborough Head light house built in 1806.
This is a chalk headland with sheer white cliffs which provide nesting sites for many thousands of seabirds, and are of international significance for their geology.


We had breakfast under the lighthouse and took a short walk along the coast.
The chalk lighthouse tower was built in 1669 and is the oldest surviving complete lighthouse in England

IMG_0828We left Flamborough Head going north to Scarborough.

Driving these roads is a hoot.  They can be so narrow with cars parked in the road and the farm animals, sheep, chickens, cows and horses also wandering the roads.
This is all of Scarborough as seen from Scarborough Castle with the southern old town and harbor on the left and the quieter more peaceful north harbor on the right.
We parked our car in a central parking lot and walked along the north harbor cliffs towards the castle on the point.
North harbor beach.
Scarborough Castle.
St. Mary’s parish church sits just below the castle.
Anne Brontë is buried in St. Mary’s cemetery.
We visited the remains of Scarborough Castle.


Not much left of the castle really.
View to the north headlands from the castle.
South harbor and old town which is a popular seaside tourist destination with a sandy beach, cafés, amusements, arcades, theatres and entertainment facilities.
The Grand Hotel looms over the south harbor.


View from the balcony of The Grand Hotel over old town and back to the castle on the hill.

IMG_0228We had a drink on the balcony of the (not so) Grand Hotel.  The bartender asked us why anyone would come to Scarborough.  He was quite young and had lived there all of his life but did not seem to be happy there.  We never did find Scarborough Fair, maybe it is in Maine.  We left this sad little town and drove on to Whitby where we had reserved a nice apartment for the next two nights.

4 responses to “Road Trip Day #7, Flamborough Head and Scarborough.”

  1. I was suspicious but when you mentioned Scarborough Fair I knew I recognized the place! Remember Me staring Michael Palin was just on our local PBS station. Set in the rainy winter, the place was much spookier than you’ve found it 😁

    1. We will have to watch that again. Thanks

  2. Victoria Kinnally Avatar
    Victoria Kinnally

    It may be a sad little town; but, I enjoyed the photos. I much prefer the countryside to the city.

    1. We definitely prefer the city but an occasional visit to the country or small towns is fun.

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