Road Trip Day #8, Ravenscar and Robin Hood’s Bay

We awoke early as we planned on doing an 11 mile hike which Jim had found on the internet. The hike will take us from Ravenscar over the moors to Robin Hood’s Bay and back along the coastal cliffs.

But first breakfast with a view at Raven Hall Hotel.
The restaurant, with the view seen above in the featured image.
Plan; walk over that high moor on the left to Robin Hood’s Bay on the right and then return along the seaside cliffs..
We started out well with a great view of our adventure ahead of us.


Where are we?  We have already back tracked once and taken another trail.
Here’s where we really went wrong, never should have gone down these steps.
We made it to the top of the moor with no idea of where to go next.
Looking back at our breakfast hotel.
“You are definitely lost Jim.”
So now we are just next to that tower in the middle, called a mast in our directions.


The directions we were trying to follow on our phone were very detailed but also vague and extremely confusing. We back tracked once but after walking for about three miles without seeing another hiker and the directions no longer making sense we knew that we were lost and off the route.  In spite of being lost, the human GPS, (or sat-nav as they say here) Jim, tried his best to get us back on track.  While trudging up a long hill to the top of the moor we spied a father and his daughter sitting on a bench overlooking the moors and the North Sea.  He told us that we were well off course and there was no way to get to where we wanted to go from where we were.  That’s like a Mainer saying “you can’t get they’ahh from hee’yahhhh”.  He proceeded to tell us that we were at a very significant archeological site where neolithic mounds and stones with ancient markings had been found.  He offered us a tour of the area so we waded into the deep spongy grass and heather in search of the stones.  Before starting this trek he told us to be careful as there are adders and ticks. We wandered for quite a while before he finally found the “significant” marked stone.  He told us that it dates to 5,000BC.  We enjoyed small talk getting to know one another before parting company with Emily and David.

Wading through the moors.  BEWARE OF ADDERS AND TICKS.
Jim is still in mourning over getting lost and is just wandering aimlessly.
Oh wow here is a rock with a belly button, maybe it is a significant birth stone.
Still wading through the heather.
AHA, David found it, incredible as it was buried in a wasteland of heather.


Goodby to Emily and David.
We walked the roads back to Ravenscar.

IMG_0939We returned to our car and drove to Robin Hood’s Bay.  This is a small fishing village located in The North York Moors National Park.

We walked down this steep hill to the bay.


And then climbed 200 stairs back up to the cliff walk that we were meant to take on our return to Ravenscar.
Jim is still addled.

IMG_0240.jpgWe had light refreshments and drinks at the Victoria Hotel before returning home to Whitby.  We certainly saw some beautiful views and waded through the heather on the moors without encountering any adders but we were both disappointed that we were unable to complete our 11 mile round trip hike.  Total mileage for the day was only 4.4 miles.

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