Road Trip Day #24, North Cornwall Coast to Exmoor National Park, North Devon.

Today we have a 2.5 hour drive to the Lynton/Lynmouth area of North Devon.  We took the fast route as the coastal roads would have taken forever and the narrow windy roads would have been too much for Sandy.


Our last morning with this gorgeous view.


Road obstacles, we are on the sidewalk.


Very tight quarters on these roads.  Two trucks creeping past each other.

Our last two days of our 25 day road trip will be spent in Oare where we booked a converted barn on the estate of Yenworthy farm.  This is a very spacious place with two floors and multiple bedrooms and bathrooms but there were no other options available.  The big plus was a washer AND dryer so that we would arrive in Germany with clean clothes.


Entrance to our massive barn.


The Yenworthy estate house next door to the barn.  Sea view on the far left.

After checking into our Airbnb we drove to Porlock and had a wonderful lunch at Ziangs On the Weir of spicy Indonesian/Malaysian street food while sitting on picnic benches overlooking the harbor.


Beautiful hills of Devon.


View of Porlock bay.


Porlock Weir harbor at low tide.


Lunch spot, with the view of the harbor above.  Ziangs is the door on the right behind the car.

The video below was taken on the way back to our home in Oare.

We spent the afternoon doing washes, planning tomorrows hike and working on blogs.

3 responses to “Road Trip Day #24, North Cornwall Coast to Exmoor National Park, North Devon.”

  1. Hi Jim and Sandy,

    It’s fun to continue to follow your travel blogs. Thanks. Looking for more Melbourne and surrounding countryside soon.

    Happy travels



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