Our Flight From España

We were able to book Iberia Air’s direct flight from Madrid to Boston today.  We were up early and out of our apartment before nine for our 12:30 flight.  As  Jim was calling an Uber Sandy caught a taxi van on the completely empty street, which we needed.

The airport was eerily quiet.
All the shops are closed and people are practicing social distancing very well.  Lots of masks.
Duty free shop on the left, closed.
Train to our satellite terminal, one other person.
VIP lounge nearly empty, serving no food, coffee, wine or vodka.
Finally on the plane, five people in Business class, 14 empty seats.  The rest of the plane was probably less than 40% full.
Here’s to our escape from España.  Jim spoke at length to one of the flight attendants who said that they were informed just before the flight that this was the last flight to Boston for now and rather than staying in Boston the flight attendants would be flying back to Madrid on this same plane tonight as passengers rather than staying in Boston.
This is the health screening we went through on disembarking in Boston, a questionnaire but no temperature measurements.
Last plane from Madrid to Boston.


Our new home, 134 Charles Street in Boston directly above the Post Office.  Our real home about five blocks away is leased out until August 1.
Nice big windows, lots of light and a great view of Charles Street.
View from our living room and kitchen.
There are coffee shops, take out restaurants, and a small high end grocery within only a few steps from our front door.

Four days shy of three years since we moved out of our home here in Boston to travel the world and live in many wonderful cities for one to four months and now we have been forced to return to this wonderful world class city that we love.  We are certainly not sad to be returning home but we have very mixed feelings.  Madrid is certainly warmer and felt safer and more comfortable for us but the idea of being stuck there for an unknown  period of time was very unsettling.  For now we will hunker down and do our mandatory 14 day quarantine.  We will also publish a few anniversary blogs and some catchup blogs from past  adventures.  We very much appreciate everyones concern for our safety and health and all of your welcome home messages in emails and on Facebook.

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  1. Claude & Donna Steen Avatar
    Claude & Donna Steen

    Welcome back to USA, you wonderful family! We think you’ve done the right thing from start to finish and have given all of us much joy as you did it. We’re glad you’re back, just in case. Donna and I started our voluntary quarantine on March 10, and for the most part, are enjoying it. We walk from 2 to 4 miles six days a week, we eat 2 sensible meals a day, reading, working to keep up our 3.5 acres and buildings, and keeping in touch with family & friends. Love you both!

  2. Katiti Kironde Avatar
    Katiti Kironde

    Oh guys I am sad for you that you had to cut so trip short but so happy that you are back home safe and sound. When this nightmare is over, you can start your wonderful retirement dream adventuress again. Meanwhile as you sit in your lovely ABB, you have all the wonderful memories and photos of all the amazing places you’ve been to hold you over until you take flight again…and it will happen!!! Sure as night follows day! This awful nightmare will end at some point; it has to. Welcome home and we will meet soon, maybe we can do a stoop/porch visit. We’ve been doing those in our hood. People don’t come in but sit on the porch and we sit on the stairs and chat and we can go for walks along the river. Cannot wait to see you two and love you to bits. Stay safe xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. Kathleen von Pohle Avatar
    Kathleen von Pohle

    Jim and Sandy. My hand over my heart to salute you both. Bless you in your quarantine. Lovley ABB. What a view! So close to needs, wants, family. Sad for your change of adventure and world travels. Feel postive that you will return again. We are hunkered down. I do go out to small market for food and needs. One store sterlizes nightly and opens for elderly/com pop romised on T.Th 7-9am. So far we all are ok, except for me and spring allergies…LOL. Love, Kathleen

  4. Welcome back! Glad to hear you are healthy and safe, as are we. Christina and John

    1. We must get together once things settle down.

    2. Kathleen von Pohle Avatar
      Kathleen von Pohle

      Jim and Sandy. My hsnd over my heart to salute you both. Bless you in your quarantine. Lovley ABB. What a view! ns So close to needs, wants, famiy. Sad for your ch as ge if adventure and world travels. Feel postive that you will return again. We hunkered down. I do go out to sm as ll msrket for foid and needd. So far we all are ok. Love, Kathleen

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