Last Days of Socializing

One month ago today we took a train from Madrid to Barcelona to spend Sandy’s birthday weekend in Sitges with our stalkers Andrew and Dick.  We have already written about the first part of the weekend in “Living and Traveling in a World with a Pandemic Coronavirus”.


Madrid’s huge Puerta de Atocha train station, nearly empty.


Brian and John met us at Barcelona Sants train station and took us out to dinner.


View of Barcelona and Sagrada Familia from a hotel rooftop restaurant.


After dinner we took a local train from Barcelona Sants to Sitges about 40 minutes south on the coast.


Newly renovated house.



Jim and Henry ignoring each other.


Flowers for Sandy.



Beachfront view of Sitges, two very short blocks from Dick and Andrew’s home.


Dick and Andrew have been renovating this six bedroom home since last summer.  This is the reason they did not visit us in Melbourne.


Henry is very spoiled.


Shopping for dinner in Sitges.  Limited number of people in the store at a time and all employees with PPE.  Much different than Boston markets one month later.



Steak and pasta ala Dick for the birthday dinner.

Watch the video above and hear Dick sing Happy Birthday to Sandy.  Turn up the volume.IMG_3348


We were planning on returning to Madrid on Monday the 16th but facing an imminent shutdown of transportation opted for returning home on the 15th.


You see which end of Henry Jim gets to face.


Dick and Andrew were nice enough to drive us all the way to Barcelona, saving us one train ride.



Beautiful Spanish countryside at 300K/hour speeds.


Our completely empty street in Madrid.

It has now been one month since we socialized with anyone in a normal manner.  We have seen a few friends in Boston on the street or from a distance at their front doors.  We thank Dick and Andrew for a great very short weekend with them.

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