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Christmas Season in SMA


We love being in foreign countries and experiencing their local seasonal decorations and customs. These are a mix of pictures we took in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Our Santa Claus Piñata.
Just another super steep street. Sandy hates to walk down the steeps.
Love the old hippy cars here.
Just sitting and enjoying and experiencing the Jardin in the town square.
We have taken so many pictures of this Lavaderos del Chorro. Public laundry basins.
Fancy Hotel across the street Casa De Sierra Nevada. Great restaurant and a popular wedding site.
Another hippy mobile.
An armored truck and a bus that seemed to be at an impasse on one of the main roads into town. They blocked the whole street for at least 20 minutes. We did not stay to see what finally happened.
We went to a Friday night Christmas concert at Templo de San Francisco.
This is a video of the concert.
We saw Frankie and Johnnie put on by a local production company.
There were 11 of us in the audience. Professionally done and intimate.
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