Paul and Alicia in San Miguel

Jim’s oldest nephew and his wife who live in Denver visited us in Mexico City in 2019. We love to visit them in Denver and were very excited to have them come visit us in San Miguel de Allende. Paul flew his Mooney from Denver to Queretaro which is about 90 minutes from SMA. They are both familiar with Mexico as they have been here a number of times and they are both very seasoned travelers. Alicia has been in over 90 countries and Paul travels extensively for work, so they make excellent traveling and touring companions.

Of course our first meal together was at one of our favorite and closest bars.
This is El Manantial from our rooftop. Very close by. 
First margarita together at El Manantial.
Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel.
First full day in SMA we did a walking tour of downtown. This was our first formal tour and we learned a lot about the history of SMA.
Parque Juarez is a must visit for everyone. 
and then on to the Rosewood rooftop terrace for drinks.
Day two we did the 525 stairs.
They both did fine as they live at altitude in Denver.
Cruz del Pueblo at the top.
Donkeys or Taxi, we chose to walk from the top of the stairs to a local market.
A beautiful home on our walk to the market after doing the stairs.
This home is directly across the street from the one above.
Tianguis de los Martes (Tuesday Market)
We took them to this Tuesday Market as Alicia loves exploring and supporting local culture.
Strawberry display.
Lunch at the market.
And we were serenaded.
An agave plant sprouting an “asparagus spear” which happens at about 15 years. Alicia told us that they sprout once and then die and they are a real bitch to dig out of the ground.
Last evening in SMA for Paul and Alicia we had a Paella dinner with Ivonne and Miguel. This is looking down on the courtyard and living room from the roof deck.
Appetizers on the roof.
Dinner in the dining room. This was kind of a family Christmas dinner for all of us.
Seafood Paella a la Ivonne.
Desserts a la Panio, a local French bakery and restaurant.
After dinner coffee and Mezcal in front of the fire in the living room.  Tomorrow Paul and Alicia will fly their plane to Oaxaca and we will fly Aeromexico to the same destination.  More to come.

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  1. […] very busy and we were fortunate to lure them away from home for this visit. They are the parents of Paul Steen who rescued us in Huatulco just before Christmas after visiting us here. Paul and Alicia also […]

  2. We love El Manantial! Excellent Ceviche!! 🙂

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