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We rented a large home here in San Miguel de Allende as we were hoping for a lot of visiting friends, but Jim was also hoping to pull together a reunion of his three brothers. The reunion of all four brothers did not happen but we were able to convince two of the three to visit with a couple of days overlap. David is Jim’s next oldest brother by three and one half years. He and Sandy are twins from different parents. David is a retired biology professor and lives with his wife Lynn in Silver Point Tennessee where they stay busy renovating an old house and managing a small farm.

Jim’s brother Claude Steen III is five years older and is a retired minister. He and his wife Donna are living in Timberlake NC in an old historical farmhouse. Their old house and a small farm keep them very busy and we were fortunate to lure them away from home for this visit. They are the parents of Paul Steen who rescued us in Huatulco just before Christmas after visiting us here. Paul and Alicia also visited us in Mexico City in 2019. We also have to thank Paul and Alicia for insisting that Claude and Donna visit us here.

It was such a pleasure to be able to host at least two of Jim’s three brothers. We really missed Philip and Phyllis but they have promised to come to Madrid.

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