Logroño to Najera

After a one day rest, nice bath soaks and all freshly laundered clothes we are ready to set out on a 16 mile day which ended up being 17.7 with over 1,000 feet of elevation gain.

Leaving our hotel before sunrise at 07:20.
We did not need headlamps or cellphone torch as there was plenty of ambient city lights.
The Camino out of town goes through a very nice city park and along running and bicycling routes to a pretty reservoir.
We love seeing this refrain. It is a tradition to say this as you pass another pilgrim on the route and many locals will also say it as we pass them by.
08:10 sunrise.
Running and bicycling track to Jim’s left.
Love seeing our long shadows in the early morning as we are always walking east to west with the sun behind us.
Pantano de la Grajera Reservoir.
This is a famous pilgrim, Marcellino Lobato who is based in La Rioja and is internationally known for his dedication to the Camino, who has set up a shop selling Camino goods, some food and stamping our credenciales. We came upon him in a very remote location.
We have left our mark on the way.
This fence was covered with crosses for a few hundred yards. We contributed our own handmade cross below.
Sandy bought a few felt tip markers in Logroño in order to contribute to the graffiti along the way. (Sorry John Shade)-a very private joke.
Walking into the town of Naverette.
Beautiful sky, vineyards and mountains. What an experience we are having. This is the Rioja wine region, the purple/red grapes were fully ripe and falling off the vines.
Taking the bridge overpass into Navarrete which is a medieval village just 11 km from Logrono on the Way of St James pilgrim’s route. Ceramics and pottery are now the main industries.
This is the Church of Santa Maria Asuncion. It is only a Parrish church in a tiny village, but breathtaking.
Our lighted candle.
An elderly woman in the church kept trying to give us information in Spanish but even Jim couldn’t understand what she was saying.
Backpacks and flowers outside the church.They were preparing for an up coming wedding that we did not see unfortunately.
A bar immediately next door to the church. A Spanish couple got a beer and glass of wine at 11am even though they were walking. Of course they passed us later on.
So many interesting doorways. in the towns we pass.
A cemetery on the way out of town.
We then walked through miles and miles of Rioja vineyards. They were just starting the harvest.
A heavy bunch of very ripe Rioja grapes which Jim found on the ground. We sampled them and they were deliciously sweet.
We leave our mark at various spots along the Camino.
Such breathtaking panoramic views at times.
Downtown Najera, crossing the river in the center of town.
Our hotel for the night, we had the room with the two balconies.
We were having dinner at a local restaurant on the river when who should walk in but Preben Pedersen our Camino Pilgrim Friend from Sweden. This was the last time that we saw him but we will be visiting him in his restaurant in Sweden.

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  1. I love that you post your Apple Watch stats—I’m always so impressed! Envy you your Camino—the French route looks beautiful, and both of you look like you’re having a lot of fun. Happy for you both, safe travels!

  2. Holy mackerel!!!!! What a breath taking countryside you are traipsing thru! And YOU guys look happy, healthy, and not a tad older 🙂 Safe travels, dear friends!!! xoxoxoxo Chanda

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