Garmisch-Partenkirchen 3

We return to this beautiful Mountainside town for the third time. First time was by car with Jonathon Steen and family, second time was by SBahn and taxi with a crowded return by train. This trip was a very smooth ride by UBahn and train. Our Canadien friends Ruby and Will had invited us back to celebrate the Garmisch town festival with them.

Garmisch is such a neat place in more ways than one, even their wood piles are in perfect order, but that’s the norm in all of Bavaria. It was the adopted home of composer Richard Strauss.
The festival began with this float
The 70th Garmisch festival features traditional music, dance, food and costume. It lasts for one week.
Men and boys in lederhosen parade down the streets.
The children are so adorable and the parade is about a 1.5 mile route.
Enjoy these following brief videos of the parade.
The backdrop of the Bavarian Alps was a perfect spot to photograph the parade.
Will showing his Canadian heritage.
Traditional Bavarian dancing and look at how crowded the Beer Hall tent was.
The waiters can carry as many as 12 one liter beer steins at a time. It was amazing to see this. We planned on drinking and eating with the locals here but it was just too crowded and crazy. The mass produced food was not at all appealing to us.
We elected to leave the town festival for a much quieter venue for our final meal with Ruby and Will in Germany. Chanterelles are in season so we all chose an entree that included them.
This will be the last time we will have fun with Ruby and Will as they will be heading back to their home in Calgary Canada before returning to their home in Japan. We have made plans to reunite with them in November when we do our Canadian road trip after we walk the Portuguese Camino in September and October.

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  1. You both look so happy in the last photo!

    1. We do lead a pretty happy life.

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