Second day of Sandy’s retirement. March 14, 2016


Weather is cloudy, windy and 42 degrees.  We started the day with a three mile run where we covered Ile Saint Louis and Ile de Citè tip to tip.  Running by Notre Dame and along the Seine.  After a quick market trip after the run for provisions we returned to our VRBO to shower and relax.  Then we headed out on a self guided walking tour of Saint Germaine de pres, Luxembourg Gardens and Montparnasse.  This included a visit to Saint Sulpice Church that was featured in the book “The Da Vinci Code” as it was the sight of the meridian line.  From here we went to the top of the tallest and ugliest skyscraper in Paris for a view of the city.  They say that the only good thing about this building is that when you are on the top, you cannot see it.


On the way home we picked up some cheese, Paté and french bread before heading out for Sandy’s birthday dinner at the Jules Verne Restaurant on the second floor of the Eiffel tower where we opted for the five course tasting menu paired with wines.  Sandy chose the light menu with a scallop entree and Jim got filet of bouef.  We had a window seat overlooking Paris through the iron structure of what Parisians refer to as the Iron Lady.


Dinner at Jules Verne

We are told that some Parisians love it and others hate it.  We sat next to a couple from California, both of whom were nurses. Jim said something to them which started up a two hour conversation about their travels and ours.  We ended up exchanging contact information to reconnect in the future.


Eifflel Tower

We got home after midnight and stayed up until 2 AM writing our blog and accepting birthday salutations from around the world.

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