Trying to create our first Blog

start of our retirement dreamAs some of you know we have been sending out our travel emails to family & friends since March of 2016 when Sandy retired.  Many people have suggested that we create an actual blog so that followers can choose to view our travel summaries, or NOT.  We have also had numerous people suggest that there is a book in all of our writing.  We are hereby attempting to start a real live blog.  It is with a lot of trepidation that we are doing this as we value our privacy so much that neither of us has ever ever been on any social media sites.  We are sure that our initial attempts will be clumsy and that our web site will be very amateurish, but bear with us as Jim is somewhat computer savvy and Sandy has an artistic bent which should help us develop a much more professional site as we move along.

We will attempt to send this out as a test to see if we can connect with any of our followers.  Please like, share or comment so that we know whether this initial attempt worked.


8 Replies to “Trying to create our first Blog”

  1. I LOVE getting your emails…. my only way to travel the world is vicariously thru you crazy kids!
    But when our son, Ryan, hiked the AT in 2014, he created a blog- and religiously documented his adventures! I love being able to actually ( and easily) re-read the blog! Especially as his blogsite has expanded to encompass ALL his recent and latest adventures!
    Know that I will LOVE and FOLLOW you – regardless of the format you chose!
    As Ryan always closes his posting…. ” upward and onward”!!!! My love to you both- Chan


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