Road Trip Day # 9 North Yorkshire Coast to North York Moors

We start day #9 by checking out of our Airbnb and then exploring the surrounding town of Whitby.

We spent two nights at No. 9 on the Park, top four windows which is the 2nd floor in most of the world.
After checking out of our Airbnb we walked into Whitby.  Whitby Abbey is center top, not the steeple.

Whitby is a seaside town split by the river Esk on the North Yorkshire coast overlooking the North Sea. We walk through this picturesque town of narrow winding streets that are situated right on the river and harbor where beautiful masted vessels and fishing boats are moored.

Whitby has a very protected harbor.
Harbor entrance.
Very picturesque little town.
Just love the flowers and the guy sucking on a fag.

We head up 200 steps to our destination which is the majestic remains of Whitby Abbey which sits on the east cliff overlooking the town and the sea.

Heading up to the Abbey.
195, 196, whew, almost there.  She is not even out of breath, very fit that one.
View across to the more upscale side of town on the west cliff.

Abbess Hild first founded a monastery here in 657.  In the year 664 church leaders gathered here for the Synod of Whitby, a meeting which decided the date of Easter.  The site was abandoned in the mid 9th century.  Reinfrid, a Norman soldier, settled here as a hermit in 1078 and established a priory in the ruins of the former Anglo-Saxon monastery.  Monks lived and worshipped here until the Abbeys suppression by King Henry VIII in 1539.

Some of these old ruins are so majestic.


An “ancient” statue in the Abbey.
That sky is almost as beautiful as stained glass.
Such a picturesque setting.


Ok, I’ve had enough, let’s go.
Had to visit the cemetery and parish church on the way out.
Very simple church.
But, they have a triple decker pulpit.

After this visit we returned to the town and enjoyed a nice lunch of fresh crab salad and fish and chips.

Yessss, time for a G &T and Guinness.
Walking through Pannett Park in front of our Airbnb, headed for the car.
A very prickly and stiff Monkey Puzzle tree.
A quite impressive little park with a museum which we did not visit.

We then headed to our next stopover, Lastingham Grange.  It was about an hours drive of spectacular scenery.  Lastingham is a village in North Yorkshire on the southern fringe of The North York Moors.  We were amused to learn from our research that one of the notable people from here was Sidney Ringer, a physician and originator of Ringers solution which is an IV mixture of electrolytes still widely used in hospitals today.  We are staying at Lastingham Grange Country House Hotel which is situated within North York Moors National Park.  It is a lovely stonewalled property built around a courtyard and is set in 10 acres of gardens and fields.  Our new friends from England Anthony and Judith Howick recommended it to us.

On the road again heading for the North York Moors National Park.
The first of thousands of sheep, mostly free range with no fences.
Panoramic views, truly big sky country.


Destination for the day, Lastingham Grange.
View of the garden from our room.


Waiting for afternoon tea in the parlour.
Beautiful well kept gardens.  Our room with the light on.


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  1. Amazes me still to look at building so old and wonder about the people that built it, walked by, lived near it so long ago. Your photo are lovely.

  2. STUNNING pictures!!!! Did you know I went to a school in Greenwich CT called Whitby? I believe it was named after the Whitby Abbey, and founded on the principles of Educating Children set forth by Maria Montessori……. 🙂
    Fascinating fact about “Ringers”…. I had never heard that!
    Safe travels! Loving’s your blogs- and Rick Steeves got NUTTIN’ on you two! xoxoxoxoxo

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