Road Trip Day # 12 Yorkshire Dales to Liverpool.

We awoke early and ran 1.5 miles along the river Swale to another ruined Abbey in Easby.

Heading out for an early morning run along the river Swale to Easby Abbey.


An interesting local legend about a drummer boy who was sent into a secret tunnel running from Richmond Castle to Easby Abbey.  He was supposed to drum while walking and the course of the tunnel was followed from above by the sound of his drumming.  At one point the drumming ceased and the drummer boy was never seen again.
Lovely rural running trails.
With beautiful scenery.


Easby Abbey, it was 30 minutes before opening but we entered through the unlocked gate and toured this site entirely alone.
Easby Abbey or Abbey of St. Agnes is a ruined premonstatensian Abbey.  It is one of the most preserved monasteries in Britain of that order.


Sorry about so many pictures but these places are so amazing and picturesque.
Beautiful Manor House overlooking the Abbey.
After touring the Abbey we crossed the river and ran back on the other side.
View of the Abbey and Manor House from the other side of the river.
Richmond castle.

We returned to our hotel room, showered, packed and hit the road again.  Another incredible ride through the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Just entering the Yorkshire Dales, we spent about an hour in Reeth, population, 724.  We bought local strawberries, plums and Yorkshire pastries and Sandy supported the local economy with additional purchases.
Jim was a rockstar negotiating the winding, narrow, steep, incredibly scenic roads.
We went over Buttertubs Pass which has been voted the most scenic drive in England.  It has also been used as a Yorkshire leg in the Tour de France.


IMG_0329Whew, that was very fun for Jim and terrorizing for Sandy.  She mostly kept her head down and prayed.  Our next destination is Liverpool which is a must see for Sandy who grew up in the heyday of The Beatles rise to fame.  She was a senior in high school when they came to the US and performed on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964.  We booked an Airbnb in a very central location in a modern building with a balcony, 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, but a bargain at only $100/night.IMG_1281 (1)We arrived early evening and had our leftover Bangladeshi food from Richmond while planning our two days in Liverpool.

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  1. You’re right, those are dream landscapes and the ruined Abbey was gorgeous.. nothing like the deep green and ancient stones …. thanks for sharing

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