Road Trip Day #17, Gloucester.

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We have a full day in Gloucester as we are staying two nights.  The day started with a run along the River Severn which ended at the Gloucester Cathedral.

IMG_0472IMG_1524We arrived at the cathedral just in time for a guided tour which was given by a volunteer who was a retired GP(Genera Practice doctor).  He was one of the best tour guides we have experienced as he was so energetic, knowledgeable, well spoken, giving rapid fire history lessons and he was so into this cathedral and town.   IMG_0475

The great east window.  More on this later.
Some poor dude who was supposed to be king but both his younger brothers were ruthless and kept him off the throne.
Lovely modern stained glass windows.
Our great tour guide.  There was a Scottish couple and us, making it even better.
Beautiful cloisters.
Cloisters garden.
Central Gloucester.
Hallway into our restored warehouse.

Later in the afternoon we did a tower tour of Gloucester Cathedral.  We have become senior stair-masters with all of these tower tours and are usually the oldest, most fit and least breathless of our groups.

We had two tour guides.
Look at all those solar panels hidden away on the cathedra roof.
Looking down on those beautiful cloisters.
Another gorgeous day for us.


Note the US flag.


This is the Mariner’s Chapel just outside of our warehouse loft.

We very much enjoyed our one day stopover in Gloucester.  The cathedral is definitely worth a visit.

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