Thanksgiving in San Miguel de Allende

We are very happy to be back in Mexico and even happier to be able to hang out with Miguel and Ivonne who have become very dear amigos thanks to our mutual friend Adele Waller who gave us an email introduction. Besides saving Jim’s life one year ago during his heart attack we have had some great times, meals, tours and even games with them.

We had our 31st anniversary dinner with Ivonne and Miguel at Mi Vida Restaurant which serves very good Italian food with homemade pasta.  Picture above was outside the restaurant on the way home.
This is Sunday brunch with our amigos on November 22 2020 at Hotel Santa Monica.
One year later, November 21 2021 we had brunch with them again at the same table.  This is the only picture that we took.  You can see us in the mirror.  It’s ok that Miguel is not in the picture as he wore the same shirt this year.  
Santa Monica has at least five peacocks on the hotel grounds.
And this little bugger in a cage.
A nativity scene being worked on at one of the fancy hotels above the central city.
This is a hand sculpture on our stair walk, there is a shop in town that sells numerous different hand chairs.
IMG_0059 (1)
Mural in a public parking lot.
Our roof terrace, a great place for evening cocktails and watching fireworks in town. They do have fireworks quite often.  The last few days we have been awoken at 5 and 6am by fireworks.  At first it seemed like gunfire but Jim went up on the roof terrace and confirmed fireworks.  They even shoot them off during the day when all you can see is a puff of smoke.  It does scare the *!@#%$ out of us when they go off next to us downtown.
This is part of our stair walk which shows the steepness of the town.
Our first houseguests arrived on November 22, exactly one week after our arrival. Rebecca Yang and Adam Caper who have also visited us in Paris and Rome.  Adam likes to visit us on his birthday which is usually over Thanksgiving break.
Rebecca did all 525 stairs with us. She is so fit that she wasn’t even out of breath at this altitude of over 6,000 feet.  A bicyclist came flying down these stairs right after this picture was taken.
Good friends and colleagues.
Walking back down hill after doing the stairs.
Sandy and Rebecca had a great time shopping together.
The colors are so vibrant here.
This craftsman is making a bracelet for Adam. He also has a picture of himself finishing the Mexico City Marathon in 3 hours 13 minutes.
Drinks at The Rosewood Hotel, waiting to get to the rooftop for dinner.
Rosewood rooftop.
Thanksgiving Dinner with Ivonne, Miguel and Francisca our maid who helped immensely in the meal preparation and cleanup.  Sandy and Adam did most of the food preparation.
Yes, we did have Pavo for Thanksgiving.
Final meal together, Friday breakfast at Sierra Nevada.
Goodby Adam and Rebecca, we had a great time.

6 responses to “Thanksgiving in San Miguel de Allende”

  1. Kathleen S Von Pohle Avatar
    Kathleen S Von Pohle

    Lovely colors, architecture, gardens and flowers. What a
    year it has been. Such a blessing in friendships!! So glad you are back where there is much joy. Thank you for sharing your neighborhood with me. It does catch my eye. Hugs Kathleen

  2. Audrey O’Connor Avatar
    Audrey O’Connor

    Beautiful pics!! Looks like so much fun, miss you…I need a Francesca!

  3. Robert G Alexander MD Avatar
    Robert G Alexander MD

    Congrats. Everything looks super. Looks like you’re really enjoying yourself and are relaxed. Sorry we didn’t get a chance to get together again before you left. We are currently wintering in Florida. Traveler is both ways. If you get itchy you can always come join us in the sunshine State. Be well stay healthy.

    Bob and Terry

    1. We are doing very well thanks. What part of Florida are you at?

  4. Christina Larson Avatar
    Christina Larson

    You look relaxed and happy! Love the pictures and I love your blogs.

    So glad you are having a good time!

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