Nos Encanta San Miguel de Allende

We have been in San Miguel de Allende for six weeks now and are settling into a routine when we are alone without any guests. We usually climb the 525 steps every other day and we walk into the central part of town on our way home where we do errands or have our one substantial meal of the day. On off days we do exercises at home and Sandy will run while Jim walks along behind. We are both doing Duolingo Spanish every day and we hope to start with a formal Spanish instructor at the beginning of the new year. We have completed one one jigsaw puzzle and ordered three more from Amazon. Sandy keeps finding more and more things for us to explore and so our time here is flying by.

We found more steps but we were taking these down.
After you go down, you have to go up. This is walking up to another upper part of town called Los Balcones.
There are a lot of fancy homes in Los Balcones.
Floral exuberance.
Agave plants
More steepness going back down.
You have to love the colors of Mexico.
A sushi lunch at Quince, starts with Margaritas.
This guy goes around town with his burro making money with pictures.
This is at the local mall. We watched House of Gucci at the Cinemex.
This is a daily sight from our rooftop terrace. We just can’t help putting this picture in over and over.
Our favorite go to bar, 50 meters from our front door. A short menu, but great margaritas, mezcalitas and tapas.
This is our second closest bar, San Mezcal which is a three minute walk from home.
Bar entrance
Christmas at our Villa Huertas.
A rare picture, we are not usually out this late.
San Miguel’s Christmas Tree in the main square.
We see these almost every morning around 7am.
This is the Tuesday market which is across from the local shopping center pictured above. There are 3-4 airline hanger types of buildings just jam packed with everything any one could want.
Love all of the old cars in this city. It is amazing that they can keep them going on these rough steep streets.
Views of SMA from above.
This is a fancy home at the very top with spectacular views. This is how it looked the first time we walked by. The retaining wall had collapsed into the pool.
This is now after cleanup.
There are a lot of these piñatas hanging in the streets.
We took a quick day trip to Atotonilco
They call this their “Sistine Chapel”.
Another sunset picture.
This is in front of Live Aqua which is a Mexican luxury resort chain.
This is Yvonne Espinosa who we met through Adam and Rebecca when they were here for Thanksgiving. Yvonne walked the stairs with us one day.
This is the top of our street which is only two blocks long.

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  1. Happy New Year! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Bill & Karen Boyle Avatar
    Bill & Karen Boyle

    Feliz Ano Nuevo ! Love the sun and colors. We’re digging out from our first big snow. Really looking forward to joining you two later this month.

  3. Feliz Año Nuevo!!!!

  4. Happy New Year to you! Those pictures are stunning!

  5. Happy New Year! Thanks so much for sharing the gorgeous pictures – love seeing you having such a good time!

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