A Full House in San Miguel

We rented a four bedroom house on four levels with a garage, outdoor space, multiple terraces and a hot tub as we were expecting a lot of guests. In the first two months we have only had four visitors due to holidays and fear of traveling. Well on January 10 we are filling up this house which makes us very happy. The first friend to arrive is Maeve Markey, a neighbor from Boston, with her niece, Sophie Rennick, who just flew in from Ireland to come to Mexico with Maeve.

We just loved having every room full for a change. Even though our friends had never met prior to this week we all got along well. As you can see from the photos we do not always stay together but we go off on separate ventures. We did all do a full day tour to Guanajuato together which we will document in a separate blog.

We apologize for some of the past blogs not displaying correctly but Word Press keeps changing and updating platforms and the one we were using was outdated. Jim has finally figured out this new platform and it is much easier.

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  2. Fabulous post and beautiful pics!! You and Jim are wonderful host and great Mexican tourism promoters. 👏👏

  3. Magnificent Gracias

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