Monarch Butterfly Tour

So one day after spending three hours in a van with twelve other people doing a tour of Guanajuato we are again at the San Miguel de Allende Public Library at 7am for a 12 hour tour. We get the same rattletrap van but this time it is just the Bailey’s, a driver, a guide and us. There is minimal heat in the back of the van so it is a cold four hour drive to Mirador Peña Blanca to see the amazing monarch butterflies.

The annual migration is a phenomenon unique to the North American monarch butterflies as all other butterflies can survive the winters. The monarch makes a two way migration as birds do traveling upwards of 3,000 miles from Canada and the USA. Their journey is a wonder in itself. It truly was a spectacular site for us to witness.

It is amazing to us how a brief childhood friendship has blossomed into such a warm comfortable relationship including both spouses. Eugenea and Gary we had such a great time with you and hope that you will be willing and able to make another long trek to visit us in some other part of the world.

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  1. Wonderful blog & great picture of your trip to the Monarch’s butterfly reserve in Michoacan…

  2. Me encanto las mariposas!!! Nos vemos pronto!

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