Bill and Karen

John William Boyle was a classmate of Jim’s from 10th grade through medical school. They roomed together the first year of medical school and have remained friends through the years. Bill was the smart one, valedictorian and awards, while Jim has always been the practical grounded one. Karen planned our Camino trip as she and Bill were meant to be the anchor couple for that walk but a number of factors prevented them from joining us on that adventure. We have visited their home in Pine CO and have done a few hikes together. We were just delighted when they accepted our invitation to come to San Miguel de Allende.

This was a very special week for us as it was Jim and Bill’s first opportunity to spend any extended time together in 48 years. Karen and Sandy are also very compatible and similarly active. We had been anticipating over a month together on the Camino and had been very disappointed when they were unable to accompany us there. We are hoping that they will be able to visit us again somewhere in the world.

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    Karen and Bill

    It was a fantastic week and we so appreciated your kind hospitality, the adventures and sharing the amazing villa you had!! Thank you for your kindness and we hope to see you somewhere else in the world as well!!

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