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We have been traveling the world now for over six years and truly houseless for a year and a half, yet we keep coming back to Boston as this is where we lived most of our lives. The majority of our friends are in this area and it is a great hub for connecting to Europe. We no longer have any family in Boston but our eldest daughter and husband live in Newport RI which is an hour and a half drive away. We do have a room there and a closet with seasonal clothes.

On Memorial Day, May 30th 2022 we said goodbye to our 3 month stay in Madrid and were ready to reconnect with our family and friends.
It’s always a pleasure to return to this world class city.
An iconic view of Boston and the Charles River.
The swan boats in the Public Garden.
We are fortunate to be able to stay at Peggy Scott’s lovely home in Beacon Hill. She is a dear friend and former neighbor. Our stays with her enable us to be close to our doctor and dentist appointments and reconnect with friends in Boston.
We enjoyed a lovely lunch and did the Beacon Hill art walk with Peggy and our friend Tina.
We had another nice lunch with friends Brian, John, Walter and Jim.
On June 12 we flew to Asheville NC to see our son Geoffrey and his daughters; Freya and Gigi who live in Marshall.
We stayed at our friend’s Gail and Bobby MacAlpine’s lovely home in Asheville.
Jim’s three brother’s and wives all came to NC and we had a nice visit together at Philip’s place in Marshall NC.
David, Lynn, Jim, Sandy, Philip and Phyllis. Seated, Donna and Claude.
Steen brothers.
Freya age 6 with baby sister Gigi age 3. Unfortunately their older sister Bhavanii age 9 and Mom were on a trip to India so we did not get to see them.
These little girls are so sweet and fill our lives with love.
They enjoyed hiking on the MacAlpines’s trail near their home where there are lots of whimsical sights for them to see.
Our dear friends and consummate hosts Bobby and Gail MacAlpine. They are both class mates of Jim’s from High School.
We so love this family and spending time with them.
Next stop Denver Colorado to see our son Matt and family.
One of our joys is reading to our grandchildren. Here is Mae age 6 and Camden soon to be 4 enjoying a book with Grampy.
A trip to the Denver zoo is always on the agenda for these two.
Face painting has become a traditional thing to do with them also.
Grammy painted Mae and Mae painted Grammy. Camden declined the face paint but did paint Grampy.
These two grandchildren are such love bugs and constantly express how much they love us which is a great source of joy for us.
Camden sporting his new pink hair.
We drove to Pine Colorado to spend a day and night with Karen and Bill Boyle. Bill and Jim went to school together from high school on through medical school.
They have a beautiful home overlooking a valley and a view of Lion’s Head. They enjoy watching all kinds of wildlife from their panoramic windows.
We did a wonderful hike with Bill, Karen was on Grandmother duty that day and could not join us.
Back in Denver we met up with Jim’s nephews and family for dinner.
Next stop Portland Oregon to visit daughter Emily and her partner Tim.
Flying into Portland on a clear day is spectacular following the Willamette Valley and seeing all of the snow capped mountains. Maybe Adams and Hood above.
They have a lovely home and grounds in a pretty neighborhood of Portland. Here Tim is showing us his bees.
We enjoyed a backyard BBQ and were joined by a friend of Emily’s and her parents.
This is their Dog Mugsy.
We all did a hike in Washington. It was a hot day but the mountain hike in the woods was very nice and cool.
The scenery was spectacular.
Beautiful variety of ferns.
Mount St Helens erupted in 1980 hence the flat top.
Yikes it was hot hot hot.
Back in Boston, Sandy’s “Sole” Sisters and spouses joined us for dinner at Toscano’s in Beacon Hill.
July 1 we drove with Brian and John to Walters home in Brewster for a dinner with our friend Lucy who is here for the summer.
We ran into Tom Quirk on the way
Brian prepared a delicious Charcuterie board for cocktail hour which included homemade hummus.
So much to reminisce about with this crowd who we first met running over 25 years ago.
It was so good seeing Lucy in Brewster. She moved to NC last year to be closer to her sons. She is 89 and looks amazing. A poster child for the benefits of staying fit. She was still doing triathlons well into her 80’s.
We have shared so many great meals and memories around this table. Thank you Walt for a delicious dinner of mussels, corn and salad.
Patio talk.
On July 2 we went to Osterville, Cape Cod, to the home of Deb Maniace Ireland who is Dick’s sister to celebrate his Birthday.
It was so nice to be with good friends and enjoy pre Birthday dinner cocktails on Deb’s front porch.
Henry is mooning the camera.
We walked a short distance to a seafood restaurant for Dick’s birthday dinner.
Cake was served on the rear patio of Deb’s home. There weren’t enough candles on Cape Cod for Dick’s real birthday number of years.
It was a lovely day and a special treat to have former Beacon Hill neighbors Margaret Deutsch and Darci O’Brien join us.
This Back Bay Condo building whose rear faces the Charles River was rebuilt after a devastating fire that claimed the lives of two Boston fire fighters in 2014. Tom Bradys house was very close to this.
It was nice to do long walks and short runs along the Charles River again.
Hatch Shell being prepared for the 4th of July performance.
Helicopter fly over before the concert begins.
Peggy always hosts the most wonderful 4th of July Party on her deck.
Jim’s red white and blue outfit was a hit.
We even stayed awake long enough to enjoy the firework display.
Leaving Newport Rhode Island for our next stop Portugal.

A special thank you to all of our family and friends who made the time to see us during our short stay between travels and apologize to all that we got together with and neglected to take photos and another apology to those we did not see but who will be on the top of our list next time. See you in September.

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  1. Oh Sandy & Jim!!!! What an amazing adventure you CONTINUE to experience!!!! LOVE the Family pics – betcha don’t have room on your tie now, do you??? Please let us know when you return in Sept- we’d LOVE to see you guys! Dan and I did a 10 day tandem bike tour with 3 other tandems from Lisboa to Sagres, to Evora….. All along the Coastline- one of my MOST favorite tours!!! Enjoy what life hands you next! My love to both you you ! xoxoxoxxo Chanda

  2. Another fantastic blog! See you in September {hopefully}!

  3. Lucy DuffyUnknown or Deleted User Avatar
    Lucy DuffyUnknown or Deleted User

    Wonderful! Thanks for sharing your life.

  4. Lovely photos, Jim and Sandy! Thank you for sharing! Hopefully our BRMC ER gang can get together the next time you’re in town.

  5. Kathleen Collins Avatar
    Kathleen Collins

    I’m sorry I was away when you were in Boston. But I’m glad you got to connect with so many people! Miss you❤️

    1. We’ll see you next time.

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