Rest Day In Logroño

We have only walked four days and 61.85 miles. but are looking forward to a rest day in Logroño which is a city of 150,000 with a Cathedral of course. Our hotel is adequate, in the city center and has a bathtub which is great for soaking our sore bodies. Actually neither of us has been sore, only fatigued at the end of the long walks. No real stiffness starting out in the morning either.

We thought that this prominent fountain and rotary had to do with pilgrims but is is actually a tribute to illustrious Riojans as Logroño is the capital of Rioja.
The Cathedral of Santa Maria de la Redonda has twin baroque towers, an elaborate facade and an image attributed to Michelangelo.
We are always lighting candles for our safe passage and the safe passage of friends or relatives as they deal with sorrows or illnesses in their lives.
This is the oldest church in Logroño, Church of Santiago el Real. Jim really liked the interior because of the very pleasing mix of very old traditional design and modern light fixtures and the lectern up front.
Some church candles are lit with a flame as this one and others light up automatically with an LED flame when you insert the coins.
The Camino gives more than it takes and that is saying a lot as it is not an easy pilgrimage, but somehow at the weary end of a long days walk you feel physically depleted but spiritually refreshed even if you are not religious which is an amazing phenomenon given that we have pretty much abandoned our Seventh Day Adventist (Jim) and Catholic (Sandy) religious upbringings. We now believe religion is how you live your life, forgiving, respecting and accepting of our fellow human beings.
Another fancy altarpiece. Sandy loves to take pictures in churches.
We had two significant group meals in Logroño. The first night we ate with a couple from Atlanta, David and Roseanne who we met in Luquin at lunch two days ago. They brought along an English woman, and we had a great meal. We had quite a bit of interaction with them but so far no pictures. Our second and last night in Logroño we planned on having dinner with Preben Pedersen from Gothenburg Sweden. He was staying across the hall from us in our hotel. We sought out an Italian restaurant and had a great time with him. He is planning on pushing ahead for two more days and then returning to Sweden by train so this may be our last meeting with him. We have already posted a link to his restaurant Tullhuset restaurang hono klavia and we plan on dining there some day.

Early to bed tonight as we have another long day tomorrow.

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  1. Preben looks very Swedish! Laurie lived in Gothenburg for a year during her junior year of high school and we have visited there several times. Unfortunately, her “Swedish” mother died three or four years ago but we continue to see her children who live Umea.


  2. Love what you both are doing. This seems to be more of a spiritual journey than del Norte was. Why do you think that is so? Superb photos as always. Courage Jim. One day at a time.

  3. Terry loved Vonnegut. Vonnegut said:

    “You meet saints everywhere. They are people behaving decently in a strikingly indecent society.

    Enjoy your rest…have a rioja for me😎

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