Another Day with Will & Ruby in Tokyo

We enjoyed our initial meet up and whole day together with Ruby and Will so much that we all proposed another day together. Ruby suggested that they meet up with us in Tokyo this time. She and Will then came up with a great itinerary for the day. Meet at Odaiba and tour this popular shopping and entertainment district on a man-made island in Tokyo Bay. Then take an hour and twenty minute cruise on the river to Asakusa which is the center of Tokyo’s shitamachi (literally “low city”) district. They also had a favorite tempura restaurant in Asakusa for dinner.

We took the train to meet them at Teleport station. A long way underground.
Odaiba is located in the eastern part of Tokyo on the bay and has lavish development projects along with plenty of lush green space.
We will meet at this dock for a boat ride later.
We must have gotten off at the wrong subway stop. NYC????
Oh no, still Tokyo. After meeting up at the train station we took this photo-op in Shiokaze Park which has a replica of the Statue of Liberty. It was erected in 1998 as a temporary tribute to Japan’s relationship with France. It became so popular that it was made a permanent fixture. With the rainbow bridge in the background and the skyline it gives a stark impression of being in NYC. Japan actually has two other statue of liberties, one in Osaka and another in Shimodo.
The cherry trees here were beautiful this day.
Looks like we are in Holland now.
Beautiful spring flowers.
Sandy (black coat center of photo) was trying to take a closer up view of the airplane flying through the building but she completely missed it. Will took this picture and Jim took the video below.
This is a video of the plane coming in for a landing at Haneda Airport.
We had some time to kill before a boat ride so we ambled around the area.
Impressive stair murals to the Fuji TV Building.
We were going to go up in the Observation Deck on the 25th floor of this building but decided not to as we might miss our boat ride.
We really enjoyed this boat tour on the Sumida River.
We had fun trying to get people along the riverwalk to wave back to us.
On the East bank of the river is what locals refer to as the “Golden Poo” building. The Flame d’Or is on top of the Asahi Beer Hall. It was designed by renowned French architect Philippe Stark and was suppose to represent Asahi beer ‘s burning heart as it leaps into the new century. It was originally suppose to be upright but due to complaints of the structure blocking views from other buildings it was put in place on its side. It’s gently undulating shape creates a fecal appearance and much to Asahi’s dismay the locals refer to it as the golden poo building.The gold building to the left is also an Asahi factory and represents a glass of beer with foam on the top.
Japan has a plethora of sky tree towers.
After our boat ride we explored the district of Asakusa.
Asakusa rickshaw ride. Rickshaws originated in Japan in 1860 and became an inexpensive and popular mode of transportation across Asia.
Pretty Japanese lanterns adorn the city.
Sensoji, also known as Asakusa Kannon Temple is one of Tokyo’s most colorful and popular temples.
Completed in 645 it is Tokyo’s oldest temple.
Beautiful gardens surround the temple.
We loved watching the various colored koi fish in the water.
Also known as carp.
This is a shopping street called Nakamise which as you can see was quite crowded but we managed to make some purchases. The street has a history of several centuries and is popular for buying Japanese souvenirs. This was on a Friday afternoon and it was hard for our group of six to stay together through the mob of people.
For dinner Ruby and Will took us to one of their favorite restaurants for tempura, Daikokuya.

And that wraps up another fabulous day with our new friends Ruby and Will. Thank you for being our tour guides in Tokyo. I am confident we will all see each other again somewhere in this wonderful world.

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