St. Mary’s Isles of Scilly

St. Mary’s is the Isles of Scilly’s largest island (population 1,800) and the gateway to the rest of the islands. Covering an area a little more than 6 square miles it offers large stretches of deserted white sandy beaches, dramatic rocky coves, stunning seascapes, miles of beautiful walks along coastal and country paths and nature trails.

All nine of us leaving Bryher Island on May 12. Sigi and Paul have rented a house on St. Mary’s and are treating us to an extra week in the Scilly’s.
Carrying all of our luggage we have about a half mile to walk.
That is where we just walked from but the lovely house and view are well worth the effort.
Living room, dining room.
Look at that view through the living room window.
Starting out with coffee.
Very workable kitchen for our chef, Sigi.
Bright bedroom with large windows.
Paul took Jim on a walk just above our house. Jim loves pictures of stiles.
Another stile!
Sir James Harold Wilson, one of the UK’s prime ministers was from St. Mary’s.
We did a day trip to Tresco Island by ourselves as Sigi and Paul had gone there from Breyher.
Tresco is the second largest island of the Scilly group and is privately owned.
Tresco Abbey.
Tresco Abby Gardens hosts a spectacular collection of more than 20,000 exotic plants from all corners of the world – many of which cannot be grown anywhere else in Britain.
This is the Valhalla collection within the Garden which is a colorful display of figureheads salvaged from the islands’ shipwrecks.
A garden salad from Sigi when we got home.
So many spectacular sunsets.
Sigi prepares dinner and Paul cleans up. What could be better for us?
A walk with Sigi and Paul.
That is our house from the closest beach.
Jim took an evening walk with Sigi and Paul.
Our house from the hill across the island.
Sprouting agave plant. The only other one we have seen was in San Miguel de Allende Mexico.
A boutique hotel in an old castle.
Sorry, another sunset.
Another walk for us.
No stile here, had to open and close the gate.
We stopped here and turned around.
Heading back.
There are cruise ships here almost every day.
Juliet’s Garden Restaurant.
The tables are made from timber salvaged from the wreck of the ship Fantee.
Very unusual for us to sit in direct sunlight.
Another dinner Ala Sigi.
And another sunset.
Last full day here, we took a day trip to St. Agnes which is the most south-westerly inhabited island. Next stop west is Canada.
This boat tour also included a wildlife tour looking for Puffins and other sea-life. We did see Puffins, but they are so small.
Lots of seals.
More seals.
Bishop Rock Light House with a helipad on top. Guinness lists it as the smallest island with a building on it.
St. Agnes is only one mile wide.
Lovely little Post Office and store.
Delicious scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam.
The only church on the island.
Troytown Farm Ice Cream.
Another stile for Jim.
Animals for Sandy.
Last view from our home before leaving.
Walking back down hill with our luggage.
A jet boat waiting to take us to Tresco for our helicopter ride back to the mainland.
What a handsome couple.
Jim had the worst seat, middle facing backward but he has been on quite a few other helicopters.
Coming in for a landing.
Back on the mainland. Thank you Sigi and Paul for a wonderful week on St. Mary’s.

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  3. Thank you for your company on the Isles, Sandy and Jim, and for the great blog and memories! Sigi & Paul xxx

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