We have been in Munich for almost three months now and will be returning Stateside quite soon, 27 August. The following pictures are a collection of miscellaneous explorations, walks, tours and happy times in Bavaria.

One of our favorite places to go is the Viktualienmarkt or Victuals Market in the center of Munich. White asparagus was in season the first few weeks we were here. We prepared it at home a number of times and also tried it in the restaurants. If prepared correctly it is a true delicacy.
The white asparagus comes in all different sizes but needs the stems to be peeled before steaming for 20 minutes. We served it with either butter or hollandaise sauce.
Munich Street Art.
We did a great tour of Allianz Arena which is Munich’s football (soccer) stadium seating capacity 70,000 for international matches and 75,000 for domestic (5,000 standing room only spaces). It was Constructed in 2002.
It is quite an impressive arena. We were able to tour the luxury boxes and the locker rooms.
Stained glass windows in Munich Town hall were donated by various people who could pick the theme. This may have been an American donor’s windows.
We took a tour of the Opera House. These pillars were decorated for the June LGBTQ celebrations.
Munich Cathedral
Munich’s Old Town Hall which looks newer than the new one was built in 1470-1480 in a Gothic style.. The new town hall built in 1867-1908 in a Neo Gothic style making it look much older.
Painting in Munich new town Hall. It was discovered concealed in the basement to avoid damage from bombs. The city council voted in favor to restore it and hang it in it’s original spot in the voting chamber.
Law Library in Munich New Town Hall. This can only be seen with a tour guide on restrictive dates. We were fortunate to book it at the right time. Locals on the tour said they had to wait as long as a month to get a spot.
The Rathaus(City Hall) Glockenspiel is a large mechanical clock located in Marienplatz, in the heart of Munich. Famous for its life size characters, the clock twice daily reenacts scenes from Munich history. The whole show lasts 12-15 minutes.
oops Jim had to remind me to turn the camera around. I must say also this video is way too long🫤.
We were able to go out on the Town Hall balcony which is reserved for dignitaries and victorious Munich football players. You can see how this town hall looks much older that the old town hall.
Sculpture depicting Germany’s Support for Ukraine.
This is Odeon Platz prepared for an outdoor concert and a domed Baroque Catholic Church.
Just a piece of art nothing more meaningful.
Munich Art Gallery
Went to see Mission Impossible at an English speaking theater in Munich.
St Benno’s Church.
We went to an unusual exhibit which was a fascinating , elaborately staged tour through the cultural history of flowers from antiquity to the present day.
Watch how the plants follow Jim’s movements.
Flowers in the English Garden behind the Haus der Kunst.
More great Munich street art.
Munich Opera House Stage. This picture was taken from the royal box.
Munich Opera House seating. The royal box is in the center between the giant sculptures..
Interesting Munich bridges.
Isar river with a fish ladder on the right side.
Absolutely amazing to watch this guy. We held our breaths.
We saw this guy riding around the Beer Garden in Munich.
Wonderful arch near the University Of Munich.
Statue to Ludwig l
Great sign outside a Munich pub.
Impromptu musical performance in a shopping mall.
Cemetery in our neighborhood where ashes of Dachau concentration camp victims are interred.
“White Rose” University of Munich college students who were executed for spreading anti Nazi literature.
Brother and sister Hans and Sophie Schultz who were beheaded by guillotine.
Museum Mineralogia has many pieces that are closely connected to the history of the Bavarian Royal Dynasty.
Monument to peace with a golden peace angel.
This is a temple to Diana in City park next to The Residenz, used to be the court gardens of the palace.
We are absolutely blown away by the lush flower boxes in Bavaria
Mad King Ludwig II rests in St Michaels church crypt.
We have departed for many excursions from this train station about an 8 min walk from where we live and the end of the U1 line. We know every stop from here to the main train station, seven stops.
Isolde and Tristan Opera that we lasted only through the first act of the four hour 40 minute performance of three acts.
We passed this building walking to the Botanic Garden but we see it quite often from the train. It is not a special building, just interesting architecture.
Nymphenburg Botanical Gardens.
View from the tower at Andechs, a monastery and brewery that we hiked to one day.
Gnarly tree trunk overpowering a rock.
Maximilian Joseph Count of Montgelas an early 19th century statesman. This statue is made of solid aluminum and has a wave, ridged pattern.
Seating area in the cathedral square, very refreshing on a hot day.
More great urban art work.
More great architecture.
Deutsches Museum, a technology museum that we did not visit.
Currywurst and fries is a staple at Beer Gardens. We added a side dish of kraut. This was our first Beer Garden meal.

Munich and lower Bavaria has provided us with another memorable stay. It has more than met our expectations of beauty, quaintness, history, culture and the friendliness of the Bavarian people. Jim does not feel that he got to know Munich as well as most cities we stay in due to a couple of factors. First; this is the only time that we have stayed so far outside of the city center. We had a great home with a lovely surrounding community and enjoyed a somewhat different lifestyle from our usual downtown homes. We had a very good friend Gertrud living only minutes away and she included us in so many of her group activities. Being three miles south of central Munich means that we mainly explored the southern half of the city. We did criss cross the southern half quite well though. The second limiting factor has been the heat. We are both heat intolerant and there is very infrequent AC in this city so we tended to close up our home and do our best to keep it cool on the hot days. Very happy with our choice to live here this summer and we would highly recommend Bavaria as a tourist destination.

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  1. What an amazing journey! Thank you for this post! Brought back some great memories! Looking forward to seeing you guys soon!

  2. Victoria S Kinnally Avatar
    Victoria S Kinnally

    Germany is so clean, green and beautiful.

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