Another week of our life

So we are into our fourth week of living on the upper west side of New York City and just loving it.  We took the free Staten Island Ferry to the island to actually see it for a change rather than to run away from it as we have done in the past while participating in the New York City Marathon.  After arriving at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal we took the free train to the New Dorp station where our nephew Peter met us and walked us to his apartment where we had cocktails prior to driving to one of his favorite restaurants, Lakruwana, which serves Sri Lankan food.  We had a great meal of a new ethnic food for us.  We will definitely try Sri Lankan again.  The next morning we met with our prior colleagues Christina Larson and John Kelly from Winchester MA for a three hour breakfast.  They are the people responsible for pushing us into actually starting this blog.  We may or may not thank you guys sometime in the future.  Later the same day we took the subway to SOHO and had dinner with our Boston friend Donna Quirk at her daughter Carolyn’s place.  Her brother Mark and his wife were there also along with her son and Carolyn’s boyfriend Justin.  Mark fixed a wonderful meal for all of us.

The following day, Friday, we visited Grand Central Station and had some hot soup & chowder at the huge, busy, very loud Oyster Bar Restaurant before perusing the Christmas Market.  We then walked down 42nd street to the UN for a guided tour.  We arrived just in time for the start of the 2:45 tour and joined a family of four Israelis who are living in New York.  The tour guide was Brazilian but had also lived and studied in Tel Aviv.  We obtained a few recommendations for Tel Aviv from them.  The tour was quite informational and we were able to enter the security council and the general assembly.  Most tours are not allowed to approach the podium of the general assembly, but since the 11 year old boy in our tour group asked if we could go behind the dias a nearby security guard allowed us to not only approach the podium but go onto the stage and stand behind it.  After the tour we walked about 20 blocks down Lexington Avenue in a light snow for dinner at a French Restaurant, Sel et Poivre.

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  1. […] included a late lunch at a Restaurant that was recommended by the Israeli’s we met on our UN tour. Nanuchka is a vegan Georgian (Russian) restaurant.  We chose dumplings with mushrooms and truffle […]

  2. The exciting adventure continues. Love the photos and the smiles on your faces. Hugs. raising a toast to both of you.

  3. Was just reminded that Bob has spoken in that room & dined with the ministers. It is impressive! Love the pic!

  4. Love the format!

  5. I certainly prefer the blog format because the historical string will all reside together so I can go back and review past events without having to search through discontinuous and separate emails. Also – the pictures and captions will be together so I don’t have to scroll up and down to see the picture that the caption belongs with. Yet another advantage to the blog format over the email format is that sometimes I miss or overlook one of your postings in the blizzard of emails. The blog is always there and I can review it at my leisure. Here is my vote for continuing with the blog and my encouragement to milk it for all its worth because I too greatly enjoy following your adventures.

    1. I am going to try and cut and paste all of the past emails into the blog someday. I have thrown the first one in already and it posts as most recent which will be confusing. You commented, but did you click on “follow”? It should appear in the bottom right when you first access the site.

  6. Love it. You bring us all along on your adventures through your messages and photos.

  7. Of course you would meet an Israeli family right before going to Tel Aviv! Kismet!

  8. Enjoying the journey. Show me the world Jim and Sandy!

  9. Jennifer Braverman Avatar
    Jennifer Braverman

    Love the idea of a blog! Looking forward to reading more about your adventures! Living vicariously through you! Enjoy! You deserve this! <3

  10. Love the blog format!

  11. LOVE it! Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait for more!

    1. Bob and Gail MacAlpine Avatar
      Bob and Gail MacAlpine

      Thanks for the update. We always enjoy reading about your adventures!

    2. Love the UN! You guys will solve the problems of the world!! xxoxoxo

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