CDMX week13, our last week in México, with Gayle & Mike

Friday April 5 we welcome our last guests to CDMX, Gayle & Mike Oulighan.  Sandy met Gayle through her friend Marjy Kaplan and the Boston Fit Running Club back in 2011.  Since that time we have run numerous miles and races together as well as enjoying each others company socially.  We all belong to a wonderful family of running friends accumulated and intermixed over the years.  The women refer to themselves as “sole sisters” and have supported each other through good times and bad, through injuries and illness, through marathon training and races.  They have even traveled across the country and around the world to be together.  Some of the sole sisters have reunited in  Washington state, Utah, Denver, New York City, Washington DC, Paris, Rome, Bangalore India and now Mexico City.  We also plan to be in Germany in September when Gayle and Deb run the Berlin Marathon.

Gayle and Mike got in around 1:30pm on Friday the 5th of April.  We never told them but they arrived 24 hours earlier than we expected them.  Fortunately we were ready and at home when they texted the news of their touchdown at Benito Juárez International Airport.  They arrived tired and hungry so we took them to the Tennessee BBQ restaurant where we had delicious burgers, fries and beers.  After a short walk for groceries they went down for a long nap. IMG_7809.jpgOur last seven days in this wonderful city and country were spent with Mike and Gayle mostly revisiting places for the last time.

IMG_7810IMG_7813IMG_7816Sandy and Gayle went for a run around Chapultepec Park on their first morning and Jim walked with Mike to the park.  Sandy accompanied them to the castle at the top of the hill while Jim rested on a park bench as he had a mild illness with malaise and fever.

A war memorial in Chapultepec Park which was new for us.
Sandy took all of the obligatory pictures at Chapultepec Castle.

IMG_7823IMG_7826IMG_7828After the castle we walked Gayle and Mike through Polanco coming across their annual Festival of Flowers and Gardens which reminded us of Chelsea in Bloom in London.  109 businesses participated in this now annual event which started in 2017 where the hotels, shops and restaurants along Polanco’s opulent Avenida Presidente Masaryk and Parque Lincoln celebrate the arrival of spring with colorful and aromatic displays of multihued blossoms and floral sculptures.IMG_7831IMG_7833Sunday morning Mike and Gayle attended the Ballet Folklórico de México at the Palace of Fine Arts which we had done back in week #5.  Jim was still ailing so Sandy met Gayle and Mike after the ballet and took them to all of the downtown sights covering the Palacio des Bellas Artes and its seventeen murals, the Post Office and the blue tiled Sanborns where they had lunch.IMG_7834IMG_7841

Man, Controller of the Universe by Diego Rivera.
Lunch at Sanborns.
A videotaped interview by a student learning English.

After lunch Sandy’s tour moved down Avenida Francisco Madero to the Zócalo and the Metropolitan Cathedral, the National Palace with Diego’s famous murals and Templo Mayor.  This would normally take two days of touring but they covered it all in one hot sunny day.


Sunday night dinner at Vecchio Forno.  Jim is obviously feeling better.

Monday morning Gayle awoke with severe eye pain so we immediately took her to our Optometrist in Polanco where we were picking up new glasses.  She informed us that Optometrists in México are not licensed to examine and treat eye problems but she called an Ophthalmologist and scheduled Gayle for an early afternoon appointment.  The Opthalmologist diagnosed and treated Gayle for a spontaneous corneal abrasion with antibiotic ointment and an eye patch.  With Gayle finally feeling better we wandered Polanco in search of an early afternoon dinner.  We stumbled across Sir Winston Churchill’s which is a classic English restaurant set in an old Tudor mansion serving traditional English food such as Roast Prime Rib of Beef and Beef Wellington.  It was a great afternoon interlude after the trauma and anxiety of the day.

Sir Winston Churchill’s beautiful garden entrance.


Caesar’s salad prepared table side.


Classic feel of an English club.

Tuesday was another “down” day as Sandy awoke with severe lip pain and swelling with sun blisters from the long day of touring in the sun.  We spent the afternoon at a farewell lunch with Miguel & Ivonne Kelly who have shown us so much hospitality and have become very close and dear friends.

Farewell lunch at Dulce Patria.
Another night of Buracco.

Final full day in México for all of us, Jim called an Uber to take Gayle, Mike and himself to Teotihuacan while Sandy stayed home and packed everything up for our return to Boston.  Jim negotiated a price for the Uber driver to take them to the pyramids, wait 2-3 hours and then bring them back home.  The largest structure, Pyramid of the Sun, was closed so Jim was unable to climb this pyramid in two visits to the site as the line had been too long on his prior visit.  Gayle and Mike did climb the Pyramid of the Moon and the Temple of the Feathered Serpent Quetzalcoatl.

The steps are so steep with very high risers and narrow treads.
On top of the Pyramid of the Moon looking down the Avenue of the Dead.
Gayle and Mike descending the steep stairs.
Temple of the Feathered Serpent Quetzalcoatl, this was their favorite pyramid.
Final night dinner at one of our favorites, Contramar.
Final night toast on our large terrace.
5:30am on April 11 heading to the airport.
Our beautiful street in la Condesa.
Our favorite taco joint directly across the street.
Adios México.

Our final week did not go as planned with all of our ailments but we hope that Gayle and Mike still enjoyed themselves and had the opportunity to savor some of the joys of México.  Our three months here has been a wonderful experience for us getting to know the City, some of the country and really most of all enjoying the people.  The city has overwhelmed us with its beauty, modernity, cleanliness, world class museums, traditions, art, history and its truly cosmopolitan attitude.  We would encourage all of you to visit México so that you can experience what we have felt.  It will surely change your attitude about this marvelous country and its people.  We are so grateful to have been able to live here for the past three months.  We are sad to leave.

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  2. Kathleen Von Pohle Avatar
    Kathleen Von Pohle

    Hello. Good day Jim and Sandy…Friendly travelors. Hope I did not sound too cryptic this morning. Thought the request to send phone and email info to you while I was getting a text from you. My phone is 541 647-0560. This email and a 2nd… work for me. Gmail comes directly to my phone. Our poor central Oregon is so dry and fighting fires. 3000 lightening strikes this week. BigLakeYouthCamp (where Ross and family live) was evacuated Monday from a lightening strike Sunday. Washington Pond Fire is 2 miles away from camp. 200 kiddos/people, skiboats, equipment, horses. Sheriff said Ross could stay if vehicles are packed fir stage 3 LEAVE/EVACUATE NOW. SO they stayed to continue putting camp away. It has been a busy week for me with home and appointments. I had started tripping again. Left knee not bending well. Had 40 cc aspirated. LOL…it looks more like my knee. Lost 1.5 inches of edema. Injected with TORADOL and Hylarouic Gel. Taking a couple days easier. A little rain last night. Ash washed out of air. Blue skys with fluffy clouds overhead. Have a wonderful weekend. Kathleen and Larry (taking care of business).

    On Sun, May 12, 2019, 4:58 AM Living the retirement dream wrote:

    > Living our retirement dream posted: “Friday April 5 we welcome our last > guests to CDMX, Gayle & Mike Oulighan. Sandy met Gayle through her friend > Marjy Kaplan and the Boston Fit Running Club back in 2011. Since that time > we have run numerous miles and races together as well as enjoying” >

  3. Welcome home!
    We have followed ur exciting & informative adventures everywhere & WE r exhausted !!!
    Having done a few trips of r own,
    We r always amazed how great u look…in new outfits in every pic.
    How many suitcases r involved???
    We’ll b off to Yellowstone in June wt a carry on; every pic we take will probably in the same outfit😳
    Any suggestions??? 😉
    If there’s a chance of seeing before u leave again, let us know.
    If not.. wishing u more
    Happy trails!💖
    Linda & Lenny

    1. So good to hear from you. Where are you now? We are in New York City until June 18 then with our daughter in Melrose until June 26 then London fir 2 months. We would love to see you guys. You have been on my mind so much this week as we had a major water leak in our bedroom ruining the drapes and wallpaper and I am having to redo the entire room. I am devastated. Almost lost the floor but Serv Pro dried it out. Let us know of dates to get together before we go to London. I thought you moved to Florida.

      1. Oh no!!! Water damage is awful!
        Were u able to salvage any part of the drapes? If so …maybe we can get creative wt what is left. Any pictures???
        My dear friend Viviane lives in nyc & I haven’t seen her in 3 yrs.
        I’d love to visit her & c u too.
        Just don’t know if we have the time. Will ck out that possibility.
        We were in Florida for 90 days
        ( longest ever) & had the best time. We were “ mini Steens” seeking out an adventure every day. See… u guys r our retirement inspiration !

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