Rebecca and Adam in New Orleans for Mardi Gras

Rebecca Yang and Adam Caper have visited us before in Paris, Rome, San Miguel de Allende and now in New Orleans. They usually visit over Thanksgiving as that is around Adam’s birthday but this time they grabbed the primo Mardi Gras week. Sandy and Rebecca were colleagues at Lahey Clinic where they forged a bond and friendship based on their mutual professional respect for each other. Rebecca and Adam married before we all became friends and we first met Adam at the wedding of another colleagues son. We then became much closer friends when they lived for a few years two doors down from us on Beacon Street in Boston. They now live in Chelsea Manhattan New York City.

Rebecca and Adam arrived late afternoon.
After freshening up we donned our Mardi Gras regalia and went out to enjoy a parade and then out to dinner at nearby Coquette Restaurant where Rebecca had made reservations for us.
It is magical seeing these floats lit up at night.
Success for Adam on his attempt to catch some beads. This was in the French Quarter the next day.
You need to be young to do this for miles.
This is the World War II Museum decorative roof lit up with Mardi Gras colors instead of the usual red, white and blue.
We were invited to enjoy some crawfish that these party goers were boiling along the parade route.
Adam readily accepted the invite. It was so hot that his mouth was burning for hours.
More night time parade revelry
I wonder how long it takes for the toilet paper on the trees to disintegrate?
The Krewe of Zulu Parade starts at 8am on Mardi Gras morning and is one of the most popular. We definitely battled the most crowds for this one.
As you can see it was a perfect sunny, warm day
Hence the need for Jim’s special spicey Bloodies to keep us cool and in a party mood. Jim just sat in this vacant chair for the whole Krewe of Rex parade which was the last one.
We met the nicest family of locals that we enjoyed chatting with.
This baby was so funny gnawing on her leather booties while chilling out under the tent with mom.
Marine ROTC marching band from Tulane University.
The floats are so colorful and big.
With the exception of saving a few, we ended up giving our catch of beads and other throws back to be recycled.
Among other things🤭, Adam is known to be a BBQ Griller extraordinaire. Rather than going out for Mardi dinner we had Adam grill at home.
The menu was double thick cut sirloin steaks on the bone which he dry brined in the refrigerator for 24 hours and served with grilled baby new potatoes and green asparagus. One of our best meals in NOLA.
Back to the Big Apple for these two dear friends.
And the following morning St Charles Avenue is all cleaned up and has survived another year of Mardi Gras debauchery. Such a fun bucket list item to check off and we highly recommend it.
Well, not completely cleaned up.

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